Hario V60 - Brewing Method

V60 - Brewing Method

The V60 hand brew is a pour-over style of coffee brewing that has become popular among coffee lovers. It is a simple, yet effective method of brewing that yields a delicious cup of coffee. The V60 is made of a plastic or ceramic cone with ridges on the inside and a paper filter. The brewer is placed on top of a mug or other vessel, and coffee grounds are placed in the filter. Hot water is then slowly poured over the grounds, allowing the coffee to steep and extract the desired flavors and compounds. This method allows for experimentation with different variables such as water temperature, grind size, and brew time, in order to create the perfect cup of coffee. The V60 is a great choice for those who are looking for a more hands-on approach to brewing. The V60's design makes it an ideal choice for those who want to experiment with different brewing methods and create their own perfect cup. Additionally, the V60 is very portable, making it a great choice for those who are on the go. The V60 is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a great cup of coffee without investing in a high-end espresso machine. The V60 is simple to use and requires minimal equipment, making it.

V60, Paper filter, Scale, Timer, Grinder, Glass.

Brew Time:
3:30 min.

210g water at 94 - 96 degrees.

15 gram

1. Put the paper filter in your V60 and give it a good rinse with hot water. It removes all paper taste and preheat the equipment.

2. Remove the rinsing water.

3. Grind your coffee beans to a medium grind setting (like sea salt). Add your coffee, tare the scale, start your timer.

4. Pour 60 grams of water to create the bloom. At 45 secs: pour in 55 grams of water. At 1:30 seconds: pour 55 grams of water and at 2:15 add the last 40 grams.

5. The water should have drained trough at 3:30 min.

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